Skye Barnes

Committed and highly dedicated mental health counselor with 6+ years’ extensive experience in counseling people from diverse backgrounds. Possess an outgoing personality with absolute rapport-building skills. Offering expertise in mental health rehabilitation and cognitive-behavioral therapeutic interventions.

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When you’re worried, agitated, suffering from heartburn, or shift work has disrupted your sleep schedule, you tend to have restless sleep, if at all. A lack of sleep at night has a negative effect on your mood and productivity during the day. Sleeping pills can help you get back to a peaceful night’s sleep. When do sleeping pills help? …

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Living With Nightmare Disorder

What is Nightmare Disorder? Nightmares are vivid, disturbing, or frightening nocturnal episodes that often involve intense feelings of dread, humiliation, or failure. The International Classification of Sleep Disorders defines nightmare disorder as a parasomnia (abnormal or atypical nervous-system action during sleep) that is most commonly associated with rapid eye movement sleep. Symptoms of Nightmare disorder …

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Is Chronic Pain the Cause of My Sleep Disorder?

Dull or sharp, minor or severe, acute or chronic, the odds are that every one of us has experienced lower back pain at some point in our lives. Since sleep and chronic pain often co-exist, each condition should be individually recognized to assure the patient receiving attention to both the medical and mental health conditions.

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