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When you’re worried, agitated, suffering from heartburn, or shift work has disrupted your sleep schedule, you tend to have restless sleep, if at all. A lack of sleep at night has a negative effect on your mood and productivity during the day. Sleeping pills can help you get back to a peaceful night’s sleep. When do sleeping pills help? …

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Women with Sleep disorder lying on a bed. the number of women with sleep disorder is on the rise.

Sleep disorders in women

Sleep between the sexes differs significantly from one another: even in infancy and childhood, the sleep patterns of boys and girls are not quite identical. With increasing age, the differences become more and more pronounced. The female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone act on the hypothalamus to influence sleep and circadian rhythms. Women are more …

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Sleep disorder: treatment with sleeping pills and sedatives

There are over-the-counter sleeping pills and sedatives, as well as those that must be prescribed by a doctor. Prescription Only benzodiazepines and Z-substances increase sleep quality, but they are highly addictive and come with a slew of negative effects. There hasn’t been much research into how well other treatments help with sleep disorders. When a …

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Medicine from an online pharmacy If you want to buy medicine from an online pharmacy, then it is a good idea to read a little about This is especially true if you are a columnist. As a member of, you are sure to always have your medicine and you should not think about ordering or …

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Medications For Depression

Buy medication for depression Medications for depression are a large group of medications that have the common term, antidepressants. Medications for depression come in many different varieties and strengths. It is a medical assessment that determines whether medical treatment is necessary, as well as what preparation and strength to use. Antidepressants are medications for depression Requires a …

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How big is your butt? It says something about your intelligence

The butt is pretty hot right now, and now the butt hype has reached scientists. A study from the University of Oxford in the UK has looked at women’s butt sizes in relation to intelligence and health, and the results suggest you could easily grab an extra handful of crisps from the bag straight away. …

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