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The Three Best Chronic Pain Treatment

What is chronic pain?

There are two types of pain. Temporary pain caused by an injury or illness, called
acute pain, is one of the reactions that protect the body from the cause. Being aware of the pain can trigger treatment, and once the underlying injury or illness is resolved, the pain will disappear. Another type of chronic pain is that the pain continues for 3 to 6 months or more after treatment for acute pain, and it may interfere with daily life.

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Many people are suffering from chronic pain, and it is said that more than 8.2 million people are suffering from chronic pain in the knees and more than 10.2 million people are suffering from chronic pain in the lower back (See where to buy Percocet online).

Anxiety prolongs pain

We receive pain in our brain and mind. Many people feel anxiety and fear when they are injured or have pain for some reason. If the anxiety continues for a long time, such as “What to do if the pain continues”, the brain becomes irritable and the pain cannot be relieved even if the injury is healed. In addition, you may even feel pain for some reason, even if you don’t know the cause.

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In addition, social anxiety sometimes can lead to chronic pain. Pain may continue due to stress caused by relationships at work or at home, or work content such as continuing to work for a long time in a special posture.

Treatment of chronic pain

There are three pillars of treatment for chronic pain: exercise therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and drug therapy.
The most effective and easy is exercise therapy such as walking, stretching, and muscle training. Strengthening muscles and making joints easier to move will improve prolonged pain.

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Next is cognitive-behavioral therapy. Chronic pain is often produced by the brain, so it is done with the goal of overcoming the pain by changing the way things are perceived and the pattern of thinking. Specifically, methods such as learning the mechanism of chronic pain and the importance of exercise, and writing the situation and feelings when pain occurs in a diary are performed.
The medicine is used when the pain is strong. However, the medicine does not work for all pains, and there are concerns about side effects when used for a long period of time, so it is important to consider it as an aid to exercise therapy and use it well.

Virtuous circle of pain and the effects of exercise therapy

Strong anxiety and fear associated with pain can lead to withdrawal and insomnia. If you continue to live like this, your muscles and physical strength will weaken, you will feel dark, and you may experience depressive symptoms. Then you will feel more pain. Buy Oxycontin online

Patient lying on the bed after taking chronic pain treatment.

Exercise is important to break this virtuous cycle. If you first get the correct knowledge about chronic pain, relieve your anxiety, and start exercising little by little at the same time, your muscle strength and physical strength will increase and it will be easier to move. Then, the pain will gradually decrease, and eventually, it will not bother you, and you will be able to regain your original daily life.

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What is morphine endorphin in the brain?

patient taking medication for chonic pain treament.

Recent studies have also shown that exercise has the effect of secreting a hormone called endorphin, which directly relieves pain.
Endorphin is also called morphine in the brain, and although it has the same analgesic effect as morphine, it is a hormone secreted from its own brain, so there is no concern about side effects.

What is important for improving chronic pain

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If the pain lasts for a long time, many people will think that they can’t do anything because they have pain.
However, it is also important to be positive in your thinking. “Although there is pain, today it could be” considered, small successful experience As you stack, self-confidence with a widen the range of activities you can. It’s a good idea to work on the exercise while imagining what you want to do and what you enjoy.

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